Willie Bailey

National Secretary/Treasurer, Private Division Secretary/Treasurer, Business Representative

Bio: Willie Bailey is a native of South Florida born and raised in Miami. His father and uncles were all members of the Teamsters Union. Therefore, the value, ethics and principles of the union ideology were instilled in Willie at an early age. This helped him to understand and appreciate the working class of America. Shortly after graduating from high school, Willie went to work full time for Miami Shores Village. It was there that Willie understood the importance of unions in the public sector as well as the private. As soon as he was eligible, he became a union member of the Federation of Public Employees.

Accomplishments: Willie began working for Miami Shores Village in 1990. Willie was one of the few who could read, explain or interpret the disciplinary actions brought against his colleagues and what the union could do to help them. He gained his fellow employees’ trust and confidence and fostered being part of the team. This helped him to successfully move through the ranks by first becoming one of their Shop Steward, then Negotiations Team Leader, and later appointed Chief Steward. He also worked his way up from a Groundskeeper to Senior Equipment Operator III and Crew Leader while employed with Miami Shores Village.Willie was often tapped to head special projects within Miami Shores. He was the Emergency Response Team Crew Leader. Whenever they were faced with natural disasters such as, hurricanes, tropical storms and any other emergency situations Willie did not hesitate to respond. He was called upon to head most of their special projects for he possessed the knowledge, skills and kept everyone safe while working within the guidelines of the Union’s Bargaining Agreement.

After eighteen years of employment, and the respect of his colleagues and management, at Miami Shores Village, Willie decided to step out on faith and take his aspirations for equal fair treatment and better working conditions further than he had ever gone before. He decided to leave those eighteen years behind and become a Business Representative for The Federation of Public and Private Employees. He was also elected as a Vice President of the National Federation of Public and Private Employees assisting with the structuring of the organization’s business affairs. Willie continues to work diligently for those same colleagues at Miami Shores and now represents the Broward County Clerk of Courts, the Town of Medley and the City of Oakland Park.

Willie is a member of (APRI) and he serves as an APRI Gentle Warriors Assistant Youth Coordinator for 65 local youths doing community service activities while helping them understand the importance of higher education and preparing them to be Future Labor Leaders. Willie is an active advocate being part of the Broward County A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) adult and youth Gentle Warriors chapters who were strongly instrumental in the 2008 election and the 2018 election of Florida Rights to Restoration coalition (FRRC) which restored the rights of disenfranchised voters.

He continues to travel to Tallahassee to watch and speak against several Senate and House Bills that could have a negative impact on the working families that he represents. Willie was recently recognized by the Broward County AFL-CIO with the Justice for Working Families Award in which he sits on the Executive Board.

Qualifications: Willie has worked emphatically as an employee in the field serving as a steward, chief steward and negotiations team leader for 18 years, and 11 years as a Union Business Representative. He has received special training in Contract Negotiating with State and Local Government, and Contract Language writing from the National Labor College in Silver Springs Maryland. He is an Organizer certified by the Organizing Institute AFL-CIO. He is a licensed business agent in labor organization by The State of Florida. He has worked with The National Federation of Public and Private Employees representing several bargaining units such as the Broward County Clerk of Courts, The City of Oakland Park, The Town of Medley, The City of Miami Gardens, and Miami Shores Village negotiating and servicing their contracts.