Guy T. Masters

FOPE National Organizer, National Vice-President Private, Division President, Business Representative

Bio: After high school Guy worked as a concrete laborer for four (4) years. Guy attended Community College in New York State for an Associates in Applied Science Degree, after which he worked for the International Brotherhood of Teamster (Local 282), as a construction tractor trailer driver in New York City. In the 1980’s, Guy attended night courses for Labor and Industrial Relations at Cornell Extension University in Long Island New York, while he worked as an Organizer, then Assistant Director of Organizing, and finally Director of Organizing for the Nursing Home and Hospital Employees Union District Council 1115, HERE, AFL-CIO.

Guy came to work as the National Director of Organizing for the National Federation of Public and Private Employees (NFOPAPE) in September 2000. Upon hiring, Guy started internal organizing in the Public Sector for Broward County and Broward County School Board and also organizing and servicing Private Sector bargaining units. In 2004 Guy attended Negotiating and Contract Writing courses at the National Labor College, George Meany Center. In 2006, the Private membership voted Guy in as President of the Private Division and also became a National Vice President as a result of that membership vote.

Accomplishments; Guy worked as an Organizer for two (2) years, then four (4) years as Assistant Director of Organizing and then four (4) years as Director of Organizing for a team of up to twelve (12) organizers for the Nursing Home & Hospital Employees Union, District Council 1115, HERE, AFL-CIO. During that period of time we organized approximately 10,000 workers for the Nursing Home & Hospital Employees Union, District Council 1115, HERE, AFL-CIO, of New York and New Jersey. We kept an eighty (80%) percent win ratio at National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) elections and were able to negotiate contracts in ninety nine (99%) percent of the elections won.

While working at the National Federation of Public and Private Employees, AFL-CIO, as National Director of Organizing, Guy organized and supervised Union elections that were brought into the Union fold, Five (5) within the Public Sector and Five (5) within the Private Sector. Guy represents three (3) Public Sector Bargaining Units in the Palm Beach-Treasure Coast region of Florida, the City of Port St. Lucie, Town of Lake Park and the Village of North Palm Beach and represent, service and negotiate their contracts. Guy also represents, services and negotiates Private Sector Units in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Florida.