COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic, and the disease is spreading rapidly across the United States. Federal, state and local governments are taking steps to slow the spread of the disease by limiting crowds in public settings, such as schools, workplaces, public transportation, and cultural and sporting events. These necessary measures not only disrupt everyday life, but cause economic uncertainty for millions of working people.

The labor movement is working nonstop to protect the health and safety of all workers, including workers on the front lines of this public health emergency. We have trained, educated and equipped our members with the tools they need to be safe on the job, but we are demanding additional urgent action to ensure employers implement comprehensive plans to protect front-line workers and reduce the risk of exposure to the general public. 

This crisis has exposed the shortcomings of our worker protection and health care systems. We cannot afford to allow cost considerations to discourage workers from taking the necessary action to protect public health. Workers should not incur additional costs for doing what is recommended or required, including staying home from work or getting the tests and treatments they need.

The pandemic also is beginning to inflict a heavy toll on the economy. We are doing everything we can to limit the negative impact on the livelihoods of working people, and we continue to demand dramatic action from local, state, and federal governments on a scale every bit as large as the threat.

Below are resources and guidance from leading experts, government agencies and America’s unions about the COVID-19 pandemic, and recommendations to limit its impact on working families.

COVID-19 Resources | AFL-CIO

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Sisters and brothers,

This has been a Legislative Session like no other. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, union members answered the call to stand up for Florida’s working people as part of this year’s Virtual Working Families Lobby Corps. Members called their legislators, sent emails, engaged virtually with their fellow union members, and took part in actions to fight back against bills attacking Florida’s working people and work for a brighter future for the Sunshine State.

Below you will find the Florida AFL-CIO’s round-up of major working families bills and information about the legislation, including whether or not they passed or failed. You can download the brief here. We faced some truly challenging bills this session, but thanks to our members and volunteers, we were able to accomplish truly great things for Florida’s working people.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the fight for Florida’s working families.

In Solidarity,

Mike Williams
President, Florida AFL-CIO

Dan Reynolds
Secretary-Treasurer, Florida AFL-CIO

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AFL-CIO Local Union Coordinator Spotlight

AFL-CIO Local Union Coordinator Spotlight
Local Union Coordinator Spotlight Each week, the Eastern Region Weekly Newsletter will spotlight one of our local union coordinators. LUCs are the backbone of the AFL-CIO field operations and the connection between the federation and local unions.  

As a local union coordinator for the National Federation of Public and Private Employees, Willie Bailey has helped the Broward Central Labor Council reach members who are not accessible in the LAN and who make our election efforts more successful. 

Bailey is a native of South Florida, born and raised in Miami. His father and uncles were all members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT). Therefore, the value, ethics and principles of unions were instilled in Bailey at an early age. This helped him to understand and appreciate the working class of America. Shortly after graduating from high school, he went to work full time for Miami Shores Village. It was there that Bailey understood the importance of unions in the public sector as well as the private. As soon as he was eligible, he became a union member of the National Federation of Public and Private Employees. 

“Willie has participated yearly with the Florida AFL-CIO ‘Working Families Lobby Core’ and traveled to Tallahassee to watch and speak against several anti-worker Senate and House bills,” says nominator Dana Shumate of the Florida AFL-CIO. “Willie was recently recognized by the Broward Central Labor Council with the Justice for Working Families Award. 

“In addition, Willie is the Sergeant of Arms of the Broward Central Labor Council and our designee for the Code of Conduct program of the AFL-CIO. Willie has supported the Broward Central Labor Council in all actions and fundraising efforts that the CLC has asked of him; he is a constant support of all our efforts to keep our programs running smoothly. 

“Willie is a member of (APRI) and he serves as an APRI Gentle Warriors Assistant Youth Coordinator for 65 local youths doing community service activities while helping them understand the importance of higher education and preparing them to be future labor leaders.”

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